COVID-19 Updates

Effective immediately

All walk-in clinic services will be completed over the phone.

Patients will be asked to call 626-1235 during our walk in clinic hours (Mon-Thurs 4:45pm -7:45pm & Sat 9am-11:45am) to register for a phone appointment.

Should you require an in person appointment, one will be provided for you

Can't Reach Us? Try Telehealth


The deaf may use Telehealth's TTY



This is the Fort William Clinic E-Consultation System, a chat-bot which will assist the clinicians with gathering appointment information and which will then promptly place your request in a queue for a virtual consult at the earliest possible time. Waiting times will vary as per normal walk-in expectations.

To begin booking an e-consult, please type START or BOOK APPOINTMENT into the chat-box above.