Advanced Care Planning Documents (click to view):


For Patients

1) Substitute Decision Maker: Your Substitute Decision Maker is the person (or persons) who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so. Click the link to learn more consider when choosing a Substitute Decision Maker!

2) Planning Future Health Care WishesThis workbook is to encourage reflection on your values and to express your wishes for future health care. It is not intended to be a document that tells your doctors what to do in the future. It is meant to help prepare you for talking to your doctors about the kinds of medical treatments you do or do not want if you develop a serious illness.

3) Substitute Decision Maker Wallet Card:  This document is meant to serve as a wallet card for your appointed Substitute Decision Maker, as well as to be shared with your healthcare provider. 

4) Common End of Life Care Definitions: Develop an Advance Care Plan that truly reflects your wishes and values by learning more about common end-of-life terms and treatments. 

5) Frequently Asked Questions: Still have questions about advance care planning? Click the link to find out some frequently asked questions. 

5 Steps of Advance Care Planning

Who would speak for you - If you couldn't speak for yourself?

Why is Advance Care Planning important?

It's how we take care of each other

How to Decide on a Substitute Decision Maker

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