Programs & Services

Here are some of the programs and services that the Fort William Family Health Team provides:

Healthy Changes (formerly Chronic Disease Self-Management)

“Empowerment, education, confidence, sharing, and support”

A six week course, (2.5 hours per week), designed to help you gain confidence in managing your disease, where you will learn tips and strategies to improve your quality of life. A well-researched, and licensed program with proven results, designed for adults of all ages and their caregivers.

Healthy Change Workshop:

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Immunization days (Flu Shot Clinics)

Please see our Flu Clinic page.

Reminder: Bring your health card and wear a short sleeve shirt

STOP smoking program
S- Strategize – plan your quit
T- Take Action – to reduce/quit
O -Optimize – do your best
P – Prevent Relapse.

Meet with registered nurses trained in smoking cessation counseling. Evaluate your environment and behaviors, make changes as needed, and find out which medications may be able to help. Free nicotine replacement therapy available.

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Diabetic Days

Registered Nurse and Physician coordinated care for persons with diabetes. The Registered Nurse will liaise with clients (and families) with diabetes prior to seeing the Physician to review labs and home monitoring, ensure preventative care targets are being met, and physically assess feet and BP. Education and SMART (specific,measurable,achievable, realistic, and time oriented) goals are set as appropriate.


Certified Diabetes Educator Services

General and specialized diabetes education including insulin starts and titration.


Craving Change

The Craving Change Program supports clients in weight loss by helping to develop a healthier relationship with food, improving eating habits, and understanding why we eat the way we do. This program provides tools to change our thinking in order to change our eating.

Shared Mental Health