About Us


To provide the highest quality health care delivery that benefits both our patients and our team of health care providers.


We are committed to improving health care in our community. This will be accomplished by being a leader in creative health care initiatives and maintaining a system that will maximize the resources that are available for patient care.

Strategic Objectives:

The Team has developed areas of emphasis that will create the pillars that will assist them in moving towards their Vision and supporting their Mission.

1. Patient Care

The major outcome of the act ivies of the Team will be an improvement in Patient Care. We believe in a system that offers the best possible care for our patients. This will include timely access, preventative medicine and a respect for each patient.

2. Education & Professional Development

We believe in education and development for both our team members and our patients.  We feel that a better educated health care professional will provide better health care and a better educated patient will take on more responsibility for their own health.  This objective is a prime method for staff recruitment and retention.

3. Cost Effective Management

We believe in maximizing the dollars that are provided to deliver health care to our constituents. This involves optimizing revenues and controlling our costs to ensure a reasonable overhead cost. Each financial decision will be measured against our commitment to focus on a patient centred reason for the expenditure. The focus on financial management is attractive in the recruitment and retention of allied health care professionals.

4. Effective Communication:

We believe that an efficient organization must communicate well. The Team will utilize technology to communicate information on a regular basis to staff and patients. Telephone, Email and web information will be used to ensure quality and timely sharing of information.

5. Academic Excellence

The Fort William Family Health Organization will be a center for inter-professional academic excellence.