Appointment Info

** When coming to the clinic for an appointment, be sure to bring a valid health card and any current medications.

It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure we have up to date contact information.

When booking an appointment, please call:


Doctor Phone
Dr. A. Abdallah 626-1223
Dr. K. Addison 626-1212
Dr. J. Atwood 626-1223
Dr. J. Beaton 626-1223
Dr. M. Cappello 626-1223
Dr. G. Exley 626-1223
Dr. B. Johnsen 626-1212
Dr. J. Johnsen 626-1212
Dr. J. Kornder 626-1223
Dr. M. Mangatal 626-1223
Dr. J. Mozzon 626-1223
Dr. D. Nelson 626-1223
Dr. J. Noy 626-1212
Dr. K. Reid 626-1223
Dr. J. Slivchak 626-1212
Dr. M. Tassone 626-1212
Dr. N. Wilberforce 626-1223
Dr. R. Williams 626-1223

Nurse Practitioners:

Gord Crawford 626-1212
Erin Slowik 626-1223

Registered Nurses:

A. Hoffman 626-1212
S. Elchuk 626-1223
K. Hutsul 626-1223

Registered Practical Nurse:

K. McGrath 626-1212

Shared Mental Health:

Dr. J. Haggarty 626-1233
S. Bismil 626-1233
D. Boudreau 626-1233
T. Ezowske 626-1233
J. Peever 626-1233


C. Semenick 626-1223