***Covid-19 Information***

The Fort William Clinic is committed to protecting your health. Our priority is to reduce the risk of exposure, limiting the impact of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic on our patients, staff, and the community.

We encourage people with ANY history of international travel (including the the USA), or exposure to those who have traveled, to stay home, isolate and self monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever and cough. Please present to the ER if you are having chest pain or difficulty breathing.

Additional awareness resources can be found here. Important phone numbers and PDF resources can be found below.

The Health Unit telephone numbers are:

  • (807) 625-5900   (Infectious Disease Program)
  • 1-888-294-6630  (Toll-free)
  • 1-866-797-0000  (Telehealth)


PDF Resources:

PDF Resource Previews: